Founded in 2014, HydrasGG is a premier esports organization committed to providing a healthy and competitive experience for aspiring esports athletes. With a vision that centers around fostering personal growth, teamwork, and sportsmanship, we have built a thriving and inclusive community that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our mission is to empower our members to reach their fullest potential by creating an environment that nurtures their skills, builds meaningful relationships, and fosters the drive to succeed as esports athletes.

At HydrasGG, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic and vibrant community that transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming. Our commitment to cultivating a supportive and inclusive platform for personal growth sets us apart and fuels our drive to inspire the next generation of esports athletes.

As we continue to chart new horizons, we remain true to our core values and the vision that has driven us from the beginning. We are committed to maintaining our leadership position in the industry and continuing to provide a world-class experience that empowers and uplifts our members, and celebrates the best of esports.

Hydras Esport is a Danish owned organisation competing in the best Nordic echelons.