New player aboard

HydrasEsport (HydrasGG), announced today that they will be replacing players from Steeamy with Urban in the game of League of Legends. This decision comes as a mutual agreement between HydrasGG and Steeamy, with Steeamy expressing a wish to move on to other opportunities. The switch to Urban will take place immediately, and the team is looking forward to the fresh energy and gameplay that Urban will bring to the table.

Urban, a skilled and experienced player, has a proven track record in the competitive scene and is expected to make a significant contribution to the team’s success. HydrasGG is excited to welcome him to the team and looks forward to working with him to achieve their goals.

“We are thrilled to have Urban join our team,” said HydrasGG in a statement. “He is an incredibly talented player with a wealth of experience, and we believe that he will be a valuable asset to our team. We wish Steeamy all the best in their future endeavors and thank them for their contribution to HydrasGG.”

HydrasGG is an upcoming and hard-working esports organization that is committed to providing its players with the best possible resources and support to help them reach their full potential. With the addition of Urban to their roster, HydrasGG is looking forward to competing at the highest level and achieving success in the upcoming tournaments.

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