Meet our veracious Mid-Laner Ketsuo!

His name is Julian and he’s 22 years old.

Ketsuo has been playing video games since he was very young and believes in his abilities, that he can go professional one day. He dreams of making a livelihood out of video games and strives hard to accomplish this goal.

He started playing League of Legends, back when he was 17, but his history with video games goes back to way earlier. All the way back to 2008 with the release of Call of Duty: World at War.

Unfortunately, Ketsuo doesn’t remember when he started maining Midlane, but he has been maining midlane for quite some time now.

Last season he played fill to reach the rank of Master, though he didn’t really think about applying the knowledge he had about the game and were just focusing on reaching the rank. It’s only in recent years he has started to focus on the strategical aspects of the game. Due to his climb playing as fill to reach Master, he gained a good grasp on all the different roles in the game.

His name, Ketsuo, does not really have any special story behind it. He just tried different combinations of names with the suffix -suo and held on to the one that sounded the coolest, and so Ketsuo was born.

Ketsuo doesn’t believe in pre-match rituals but believes in off-days. He knows you cannot always perform at your best every single day and believe it’s very important not to beat yourself up about it. He acknowledges that almost anything can have a big impact on the way you play on certain days.

Ketsuo’s favourite part of playing League is the ability to express your skill in the game. He mentions that recently the macro game in League is also something he appreciates, the ability to cooperate as a team on the whole map and outsmarting your opponents.

“My current favourite champion is Yone because of all of the above that I just stated. He allows me to express my mechanics and decision making and in soloQ, he feels like my best choice to carry games in which you normally will not have control over.” – Ketsuo

Before Hydras he played for X7 in the UKEL, where he played in the UKEL summer split and NLC Division 2 Qualifiers. Ketsuo is excited to get a change in scenery and meeting with new players who can give another perspective on how to play the game. This is why he’s excited to play for Hydras and also because it will be his second team that he plays for.

What makes Ketsuo unique is his ability of balancing self-discipline with work and practice, but also appreciating his time for breaks and relaxing.

“I served in the SAF (Singaporean Army) so I am very strict when it comes to scrims / games. I believe that there are times to have fun and times to be serious.” – Ketsuo

In his spare time, he likes to have fun and spend time with his friends outside of officials but always knows when to be strict and focused when playing during the splits and in practice.

A personal goal Ketsuo has is to be able to play a Concerto during the next few years. He plays the violin and piano.

We have been very excited to introduce you to Hydras Ketsuo and we look very much forward to showing you his gameplay in the upcoming season.