Meet our fierce Top-Laner, Shieda!

His name is Sean and he’s 22 years old. Shieda has been playing video games for more than 15 years now. His Esports journey started Christmas 2020, when he got contacted by a UKEL team, who asked if he wanted to become their sub. This was his first encounter with the semi-pro/amateur Esport world ever, he didn’t know it existed before then. After he got to know the people there, his passion for competing and winning grew and he started to take the game more seriously. Shieda started playing exclusively top-lane in 2021.

“I like my role now because of the champions that are viable as well as the isolation, being able to punish my lane opponent far from everyone else is just something I enjoy.” – Shieda

Shieda originates from his time playing as jungler since back then he mained Kayn. Kayn’s official first name is “Shieda”. He was so fortunate to obtain this rare and desired name, since then the name just grew on him and he kept it. Right before a match, Shieda always has a ritual to get in the right mindset. This includes him getting a bottle of water, washing his hands and slowing down his breathing. His favorite part of the game is around lvl 9 where the champions usually spike in power. He loves to play Sett, he’s not entirely sure why, but something about this champion feels just right when he plays him – Like it was meant to be.

“Playing for Hydras excites me because of how welcoming and friendly everyone has been so far, it feels promising.” – Shieda

Something that makes Shieda stand out is that he has a strong sense of being able to practice intensively, the main one for him has always been Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing. Shieda’s favorite game outside of League of Legends is Pokemon. And in his spare time he likes to relax with his partner, watch something with her, cooking and or playing with their cats. We have been very excited to introduce you to Hydras Shieda and we look very much forward to showing you his gameplay in the upcoming season.