Meet our cheerful Support, Selfway!

His name is Jere, he’s 20 years old and comes from Finland. He’s passionate about Esport because he’s fascinated by its insanely high skill ceiling.

Selfway has been playing League of Legends since late 2013. Back then it was only spoken rumors of people being able to live off of playing video games professionally and he didn’t really know what Esports truly meant. Close to the end of 2017, Selfway got to experience his first LAN event and a few other small online tournaments. The way he got to test himself and his abilities thrilled him and inspired him to see how far he would be able to go. This was the first step he took towards the dream of becoming an Esports player and the moment he knew, he wanted to become one.

When Selfway was 4-5 years old, his dad bought him his first PS2 and the game Sly 3 and he has been playing video games ever since.

Selfway has always been playing support, ever since he first laid eyes on the game. He loves being able to think strategies while being in-game and being the Support makes that possible for him.

“Playing support allows you to think more about the strategic aspect of the game, which might be the reason I like to shotcall in scrims and official matches nowadays.” – Selfway

Selfway’s name might have a story to it, but he himself says that the name doesn´t have any origin and simply is a random invention.

Selfway doesn’t have any specific rituals before the games. Though he struggles with a lot of nerves. He strives to win and heads right into the game despise anxiety and fear before any game.

“I enjoy the intense mid to late game teamfights and decision making.” – Selfway

His favorite champions to play are most of the time non-traditional and or off-meta support champions like Elise, Sett and Maokai but of course he does always try to keep all meta supports on a good level.

Selfway´s Esports career and journey started back in 2018 on a Danish team, Horsens Esport, where he had barely turned 17.

“I always had a dream to come back to the Danish scene and now once my good old friend Vesberg gave me a chance, I didn’t want to let it pass. I want to see how well I can succeed in an international team rather than an entirely Finnish one.” – Selfway

An ability Selfway has, that makes him strong in competitive games, is that he doesn’t believe that being affected negatively by others does any good for anyone. He always tries to focus on the bright and positive side, to keep his head and focus in the right place when playing.

In his spare time he enjoys being with friends and besides playing video games this is his favorite thing to do.

“Hyggeligt at være tilbage! lad os få en fest ud af det!” – Selfway