Meet our bold Jungler, Woops!

His name is Stamatis, he is 21 years old and from Greece. He studies finance at the university. He loves being competitive in general and loves video games, this is why he currently is and has been passionate about Esports for many years.

Around 2017 he participated in his first LAN event with the top 8 teams in Greece. That is where he knew he wanted to become an Esports player.

“…that adrenaline of contesting and feeling is something unmatchable” – Woops

Woops has been playing video games since he was very young, in fact since he was 3 years old, which leaves him with 18 years of experience playing video games.

He started maining Jungle back in early season 9. This was because he learned the hard way that his love for picking Assassins in midlane and his snowball playstyle did not match as well in Midlane as it did in Jungle. He loves Jungle specially because it looks a lot like a chess game to him, how a single move can change the whole game and the power that is given with these choices.

Woops originates from when he mained Twisted Fate back in season 4 – 6 and comes from the sentence “Woops Blue Card”.

Woops doesn’t have any specific favorite game beside League of Legends. Though he does like good old school games like “Sonic Adventures 2” and “Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories” as they remind him of his childhood. He prefers fast paced games, because he tends to get bored easily otherwise. He does point out though, that he is bad at shooting games even though they are fast paced games.

The most important thing for Woops when it comes to rituals and getting ready for games, is coffee and/or energy drinks, this puts him in the right mindset to get ready for battle.

“my favorite part of the game is the early game, where you can pull off some cheesy and weird plays and abuse your opponent afterwards, plus it shows dominance and comfortably shows that you are better” – Woops

Woops is known for his Nidalee plays specially in Norway and Greece. He loves the champ. He is very proud to say that he is known for the plays he pulls off with her, and that they are so good, that in Greece he has a 90% ban rate against him. She’s his favorite because of the early game dominance and mobility.

“I’m excited to play for Hydras because lately I was on an “unlucky” streak about the teams I was going into, and didn’t get the chance to end up in a good team environment to improve and show what I’m capable of, and I believe Hydras will be the right choice to finally show that and as a team to go really far” – Woops

What makes Woops unique is the fact that he’s really good at thinking out of the box in a bold and creative way.

He mostly spends his spare time hanging out with his friends, watching movies/anime and playing a lot of music. He’s been playing primarily guitar for the past 5-6 years.

We have been very excited to introduce you to Hydras Woops and we look very much forward to showing you his gameplay in the upcoming season.