Meet our audacious ADC Amiraali!

His name is Aapo and he is 21 years old. The reason behind his passion for Esport is because of the competitive aspect of the game.

His dream of becoming an Esport player, started when he realized that he wanted a different kind of work life than a 9 to 5 everyday with a casual job.

Amiraali’s journey with gaming started all the way back to when he was only 9 years old, and started playing RuneScape which created the foundation of passion he has for gaming today.

He loves to play ADC, because Amiraali has always played the role and therefore feel very confident playing as ADC, but also because he’s always been more fascinated by the carry-oriented roles in the game.

His gamertag Amiraali, doesn’t have a specific story behind it, but was simply born out of the fact that it rhymed with his name, sounded cool and got to grow on him so he kept it. Amiraali’s favorite game beside league of legends is Dota 2.

Amiraali has a ritual to always get in the right headspace before a game.

“Before the games, I usually go to the gym and have a drink to calm my nerves.” – Amiraali

He then enters the right mindset and is ready for battle.

He doesn’t have a specific time of the game that is his favorite, but as mentioned shortly earlier he lives and thrives because of the competitive part of the game that is why this is also his favorite part of the game.

Right now Amiraali’s favorite champion is Veigar, but in the past it used to be Draven or Vayne.

Amiraali is very excited to play for Hydras because of our support that you’ll get the chance to meet in the next interview.

“Semi Personal thing would be that in soloq I might blame quite a lot, but I always keep it professional in competitive.” – Amiraali

He values physical health very highly, therefore in his spare time he spends a lot of time at the gym to keep healthy and happy.

Amiraali is very passionate about Esport and ended our interview with an:
“GG EZ” – Amiraali

We have been very excited to introduce you to Hydras Amiraali and we look very much forward to showing you his gameplay in the upcoming season.